New Patient Exam


Ideally rather than just seeing our patients when problems arise, we encourage patients to rebook for a full examination. A full examination allows us to determine the true state of a patient’s dental health.

A new patient exam involves:

  • An assessment of a patient’s medical history; medical conditions and medications can impact on the teeth.
  • A patient’s previous dental history is discussed to understand what has happened in the past and what current concerns might be.
  • Then we have a detailed look in the mouth and surrounding head and neck.

Taking into consideration all the above elements / factors we can give patients an informed explanation of their dental health and what issues may be occurring. We then can discuss what options are available for resolving any problems, both short and long term. This includes what costs would be involved for each option 

Ultimately we are always guided by what the patient wants to do. Eventually a plan is devised, which we call a Dental Health Treatment Plan. Once an order of priorities is established, appointments can then be made, spaced to suit a patient’s timeframe and budget.

Planned treatment is easier for a patient, and often less expensive, than infrequent emergency visits .The overall goal is to return a patient to good oral health, and prevent future dental disease.

Currently a full initial examination costs a maximum of $60. Often there is a need to take radiographs/ x-rays to confirm the condition of the teeth- the cost of radiographs taken with the initial exam is a maximum of $80.

Again thanks for choosing Riviera Dental Care. We hope to soon you soon.